GFP-F (Generic Frame Procedure – Framed)
Framed GFP encapsulates bursty client traffic such as Ethernet and also RPR. The received client signal frame is mapped in its entirety into one GFP frame. GFP-F works relative to client frame boundaries (e.g.: 1 SONET frame per GFP-F frame).

GFP-T (Generic Frame Procedure -Transparent)
GFP-T works at the byte-level for low-latency applications such as Fiber Channel transport for SAN networking.GFP-T creates a superblock structure that combines multiple 64B/65B codes along with a CRC-16, for the purposes of providing payload octet alignment and error control over the bits in the superblock. The block-coded client characters are decoded and then mapped into a fixed-length GFP frame and then transmitted without waiting for the reception of an entire client data frame.


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